Gap widens in federal voting intentions in Atlantic Canada #CDNpoli

In the latest poll conducted by Narrative Research, the federal Liberal's are expected to sweep Atlantic Canada in the upcoming federal election.

Overall decided voter support for the governing Liberals has shifted slightly this quarter and now stands at 43% (up from 39% in May 2019, and down from 47% in February 2019).

By contrast, decided voter support for the federal Conservatives has dropped to 30% (compared with 36% in May and 35% in February).

The Green Party has established itself as the third party of choice across the Maritimes.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the exeption to Green uptick, with the NDP in third place in this province.

These results are part of Narrative Research’s Atlantic Quarterly®, an independent, quarterly survey of Atlantic Canadians, and are based on a sample of 1,500 adult Atlantic Canadians 18 years of age or older, conducted from July 31 – August 22, 2019, with overall results accurate to within ± 2.5 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times.