Advocates Rally Behind Child Refugee Facing Deportation to Somalia

Advocates in Halifax, Toronto and other parts of Canada, in solidarity with community members and advocates in Edmonton, are calling on Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to stop the deportation of Abdilahi Elmi to Somalia scheduled for August 21.

Elmi was given refugee status as a child and then taken into state care which failed to apply for proper immigration documentation for him.

When Elmi left Somali as a child, has no family there and does not speak Somali.

Fatuma Abdi, the sister of Abdoul Abdi, social worker Robert Wright, women’s health advocate and nurse Martha Paynter, and El Jones who advocated on the Abdoul Abdi case, are holding a press conference on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at the office of Liberal MP Andy Fillmore at 12:30 PM to protest the deportation of Elmi, and to draw attention to the lack of change in deportation policy since the case of Abdoul Abdi.