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Black Bear Warning Issued for Belleoram & Hermitage to Milltown Areas

Reports of black bears have been confirmed for Belleoram and Hermitage to Milltown areas.

Conservation officers are monitoring and advise residents to take appropriate steps to avoid encounters with black bears.

Wild animals can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable when approached.

To avoid attracting bears in communities and backyards, ensure proper storage and disposal of garbage, do not store garbage in outside containers until collection day and keep pets inside or under close supervision.

Under no circumstances should a black bear be approached. While every situation is different, when encountering a bear, take note of its behaviour.

If the bear does not see you:

  • Quietly back away and leave the area;

  • Try to stay downwind of the animal;

  • Keep an eye on the bear; and

  • Never get between a bear and her cubs.

  • If the bear has seen or smelled you:

Remain calm;

  • Give the bear space and a route to get away;

  • Back away but do not run;

  • If you must speak, do so calmly and firmly; and

  • Avoid direct eye contact with the bear.

Anyone sighting a black bear in this area is asked to call the Forestry and Wildlife District Office in Milltown at 709-882-2200, or the standby number at 709-290-0364.

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