Car Dealership Tricks to Watch out for

We've all been there, shopping for a new car and haggling on the price.

Some car dealerships have some add-on things you can add for just a few dollars a month.

Some add-on things without asking, or will try to sell you things you don't need...

Here are some things to watch for...

Tire Nuts and Locks The point of this feature is to protect your wheels and tires from theft. Regular tire nuts do exist and are a lot cheaper.

Tire Warranty If there was a recommended tire-rotation interval, say every 3000 kilometers, be ready to supply written documentation for each of those services. The wear must also be absolutely even across the tread. If your tires ever got misaligned or were under- or over-inflated so the wear isn’t quite uniform, there goes the warranty. The timeline is very specific.

Beware of Trade in value Chances are they will make your trade in the lowest possible, shop abound, you may be surprised, and even you if you do a dealership you dislike, you may get a higher trade-in value to take back to the dealership you prefer to purchase from, chances are they will match the price.

Premium Colors Some car companies will charge you extra for certain colors. To save money stick with a basic color car.

Look for hidden fees in the fine print.

If the salesperson is persistent about the add-ons, tell the salesperson you will buy the car if the add-ons are removed.

Have you ever seen any add-ons like these or any others? Let us know in the comments.