Province Becomes First in Canada to Advance National Suicide Prevention Project

Newfoundland and Labrador has partnered with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Eastern Health and a community coalition on the Burin Peninsula to launch Roots of Hope, a community suicide prevention project.

This makes us the first province in Canada to sign onto this project.

The project will draw heavily on community expertise and guidance from mental health experts in the province, as well as from across the country. The goal of Roots of Hope is to reduce the impacts of suicide. It will bring new mental health services and supports to people in the Burin Peninsula region. There are five primary focus areas for the project:

  • Specialized supports – a range of prevention, crisis, and postvention services such as crisis lines and support groups;

  • Training and networks – access to training and learning opportunities to better equip professionals in the community such as physicians, first responders, nurses, human resource staff and teachers;

  • Public awareness – local information campaigns to promote mental health awareness;

  • Means restriction – identify the methods or places where a high number of suicides occur and implement measures to restrict access to these methods; and,

  • Research – increase the suicide prevention evidence base.

Beginning immediately, the project will roll-out over the next five years with the Provincial Government contributing $1.98 million. The Mental Health Commission of Canada will develop evidence-based recommendations on sustainable community suicide prevention and build tools and resources to support those recommendations. These will be shared with all provinces and territories.