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2 at Mount Pearl Senior High Test Positive for COVID-19

On Sunday, February 7, two individuals at Mount Pearl Senior High tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

In this situation, it is unknown how long the individuals may have been COVID-19 positive, or to what extent the virus may have already spread throughout the school community.

At this time, Public Health has advised the School District:

  • to suspend in-class instruction and all extra-curricular activities at Mount Pearl Senior High for several days during the investigation (exact number of days to be determined).

  • that all students and staff must isolate away from household members until they receive further direction from Public Health officials;

  • that household contacts of the student/teacher/staff (e.g. siblings or other family members) , do not need to isolate at this time unless the student/teacher/staff who attends Mount Pearl Senior High has symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive as a result of this investigation.

  • that the duration of the isolation and the suspension of in-school classes will be determined by Public Health.

  • that all students and staff from the school will be offered testing but Public Health will work with the school to identify which students should be tested first.


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